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On the occasion of the 100th birthday of the famous Swiss painter, designer and sculptor Hans Erni, I decided in 2009 to redesign erniland.com in order to give the so-called "Erni Medals" a contemporary presence in the internet. This website is for collectors as well as for medal and coin lovers. 

As a 3rd generation numismatist I already learned about the medals of Hans Erni when I was still young.  Even though we share the same family name I am not a direct relative to Hans Erni. However, our families descended from the same Lucerne Family Tree.


Roland Erni

At the end of the 1960's and beginning of the 1970's, hundreds of different Medals for collectors were minted in Switzerland. Only a few of them represent nowadays more than the value of the metal. Erni Medals are an exception in this respect. They are a self-contained collection area of numismatics and they have not lost any of their attraction.

Hans Erni is well known for his high relief medals. Most medals have a very unique design, they are unmistakably recognizable as Erni Medals. 

Despite severe competition, Erni Medals are well represented at Coin Shows and on Auction Platforms. Over four decades Hans Erni created 28 medals and one official Commemorative Coin for the Swiss Confederation. Most medals were minted in gold and silver (two medals were also minted in bronze). On request of the artist, several medals deviate from the circular form.

1968 Hans Erni created his first medal - a Jubilee Medal for the Swiss National Circus Knie.  Over 40 years later, on the occasion of the United Nations' International Year of Forests, Hans Erni created the medal "Forest is Life" in 2011 at the age of 102 years. Unbelievable!

The talent of this exceptional artist was also inherited  to his daughter Simone. Simone Erni has meanwhile also created 4 Medals and one commemorative Coin.

I highly recommend the book "Kunst im Kleinen" from Ghidelli/Erni. The book is unfortunately only available in German. A must for all collectors of Erni Medals. It is full of well researched information and stories about his Medals and Stamps.



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