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100 Years Wildlife Park Langenberg 1969 

(M-4b) Jubilee Medal of Hans Erni for the 100 Year Anniversary of the Wildlife Park Langenberg. According to some Hunters and Foresters the tail of the Wild Boar was a bit out of proportion. Based on the dispute about the anatomy of the Wild Boar Tail an amusing correspondence developped, in which Hans Erni defended his artistic freedom. When Zurich Zoo asked Hans Erni to create an animal Medal for them 10 years later, Hans Erni had a new opportunity to design an animal tail. Guess what - the proportions of that tail were enormous. (see Medal no. 11) Value for FDC Medals in CHF: Current Gold Price + 350.-- 
Mintage: 800  Weight: 32 g 


33 mm  Metal: Gold 900/1000